Whether you are a lifetime advocate or new to volunteering, we invite you to join us.  

We welcome new ideas and value enthusiasm and input from all; we need volunteers, young and old!

Our volunteers have ranged in age from 17 to 70!

Make a difference through Just Cause, just 'cause you can and help foster change in the lives of others.


SUMMER 2016                                              We are very excited that we will be bringing two volunteer teams to Uganda in the summer of 2016.

For more information about what you would do as a volunteer click here! 

NEW for 2016!

One of our teams will have a special STEM focus this summer. If you are interested in bringing your skills to this opportunity specifically check our the info flyer here.




1) Fill out the Online Application here

    Or Fill out a .pdf application form here 

2) Submit your completed application to: 


For more detailed info about volunteering with Just Cause in Uganda please read FAQs for volunteers.


 In addition to joining an overseas team as part of a volunteer abroad experience, we need people on the home front who have expertise and interest in a variety of disciplines: 

  • non-proft accounting
  • charity law & registration
  • fundraising
  • event planning and hosting
  • marketing & promotions
  • social media and website design
  • soliciting sponsorship

Contact us for more information and apply your knowledge & expertise to a Just Cause!

We want your help!