OUR WORK                                        

We work on education-based projects in Uganda that do not have adequate community or government support.

We fundraise in Canada throughout the year and spend the summer months on the ground in Uganda directing 100% of our funds towards our education projects

What We Do:  

  • design and build new infrastructure including an 8 classroom primary school in Nanso, Uganda, playgrounds, latrines and church buildings
  • implementation of educational agriculture projects
  • school supplies have been delivered to over 2500 students at 7 primary schools in rural communities 
  • provide uniforms and school shoes to needy children
  • design and facilitate hands on workshops in STEM education for students and teachers who have limited or no exposure to these areas.
  • improve student learning opportunities by providing books, dictionaries and classroom supplies in rural areas
  • equip teachers with supplies, teaching resources and guides and handbooks 
  • improve classrooms by building desks, benches and chalk boards
  • improve safety and sanitation with latrines, roofing and flooring at existing schools
  • promote student health through distribution of hygiene kits and healthcare workshops
  • provide hot school lunches through nutrition programmes
  • enhance the safety of school children by implementing safe and sanitary water collection
  • provide work opportunities and skill-building workshops for parents to support their children's education  

How We Do It: 

  • design and draft all construction plans for school and latrine builds
  • interview and hire engineers and local labour teams 
  • source, purchase and deliver all construction materials 
  • hire local labourers to construct desks, benches and chalk boards
  • purchase school supplies and teacher curriculum guides from local shops in Jinja and Kampala, Uganda
  • partner with other non-profit organizations to provide both education workshops and healthcare services to rural areas.