PROJECT: Education Workshops

LOCATION: Jinja, Nanso, Kasaga Uganda

CHILDREN SERVED: 200+ children and adults (and growing!)

SUMMARY: Through our educational workshops we are able to connect students and people with expertise from Canada with students and teachers in Uganda. Our workshops emphasize areas that are lacking in traditional Ugandan education opportunities due to a lack of facilities, funding, expertise and equipment. Science, Technology and Engineering, modern of agriculture and health are areas that Just Cause has made a focus of our enrichment workshops.

We aim to help teachers find ways of integrating hands on learning opportunities into their classrooms and obtaining access to modern technology to improve the education they can provide at their schools themselves. Through our workshops, we also strive to empower students by providing hands-on exposure to technology. We promote the pursuit of interests in STEM as it relates to greater future potential for students in developing nations.

For a detailed project description and full summary of our workshops, please read the full .pdf project profile below.

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