There are many ways you can make a difference through donations to our projects.

In July and August 2012, Just Cause will be purchasing and delivering all donated supplies directly to schools in southern rural Uganda.

A small amount of Canadian money can make a BIG difference in Africa. It is amazing just how far a donation can go!

Please scroll down for details on our current giving options. Thank you!

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Junior Student Supply Package

$ 5.00 CAD

2 pencils
2 notebooks
2 blue pens
1 Pkg (24) pencil crayons


Senior Student Supply Package

$ 10.00 CAD

2 pencils
2 ruled notebooks
2 blue pens
1 Pkg Ruled Paper


Sports and Activities Package

$ 25.00 CAD

1 Soccer Ball
4 Pylons
10 Skipping Ropes


School Uniform and Shoes

$ 40.00 CAD

Shorts or Skirt
Embroidered School Crest
Leather School Shoes


Teacher Supply Package

$ 50.00 CAD

1 Box of blue pens
1 Box of red pens
1Box of pencil crayons
1 Box of markers
5 Boxes of crayons
Flip chart paper
2 Boxes of chalk
2 Packages of lined paper
Teacher ledger book


Literacy Package

$ 50.00 USD

10 Illustrated storybooks/youth novels
2 English dictionaries
Alphabet, spelling & grammar wall posters


School Hot Lunch

$ 100.00 USD

Porridge or Rice & Beans for 200 Primary & Junior Students for one month


Classroom Furniture

$ 150.00 USD

Desks with benches for 36 students
3 Chalk boards


Secondary School Student Sponsorship

$ 275.00 USD

Three terms of Secondary School fees for a child at a children's home or orphanage


Secondary School uniform
Leather school shoes


Equip a Primary School

$ 500.00 USD

6 Chalkboards & 10 Boxes of chalk
Teacher's desk and chair
Teacher ledger book
2 Dictionaries
5 Wall maps & posters
5 Calculators
5 Boxes of blue pens & 2 Boxes of red pens
3 Staplers & 3 Boxes of staples
20 Pkgs of crayons & 10 Boxes of pencil crayons
5 Boxes of markers
10 Pkgs of flip chart paper
10 Pairs of scissors
10 Pkgs lined paper